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Aggie Battalion
This program prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. It is a stimuli for promoting graduation from high school and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities which will benefit the student, community, and nation. DSC03410
Upcoming Events

November 11th: Veterans Day Parade

November 19th: Mobile Megaball Tournament 

December 4th: Gulf Port Drill Meet

January 25-26: Promotion Board

February 18th: Military Ball 

March 5th: Regional Drill Meet

March 21-25: Cadet Challenge 

March 29-30: Promotion Board 

April 2nd: State Drill Meet

April 21st: Award Ceremony

May 30th: Memorial Day


LET I -- The mission of Leadership Education and Training (LET) is to motivate first year JROTC cadets to be better citizens. To accomplish this purpose, the text discusses citizenship, leadership, and a number of other courses designed to help the cadets succeed in high school and after graduation. Cadets wear uniforms one time each week. Extracurricular activities include: Providing color guards, eating at concession stands, participating in community parades, drill and rifle teams.

LET II -- The second year of Leadership Education and Training provides more details about leadership situations. The program is split into units including: Techniques of Communication, Leadership, Cadet Challenge, Leadership Lab, First Aid, Map Reading, History, Your American Citizenship, Career Opportunities, and Role of the U.S. Army. The wearing of the uniform and extracurricular activities are the same as for LET I.

LET III -- The third year of Leadership Education and Training provides still more leadership situations. In this year students will not only be more involved as teacher and leaders within the cadet battalion, but they will also do more independent studies in the areas of communication, leader, first aid, history, map reading, career opportunities, and technology awareness. The wearing of the uniform and the extracurricular activities are the same as for LET I.

LET IV -- Fourth-year cadets are responsible for the daily cadet administration and perform as commanders and staff officers.  They act as assistant instructors in some subject areas for other JROTC classes.  They continue to develop their leadership skills and plan special unit events such as the military ball or the annual awards banquet.

Megaball Team
Unarmed Drill
Unarmed Drill
Armed Drill
Armed Drill
Orienteering Team
IMG 0504
Color Guard
PT Team

The Tate AJROTC team won the NW Florida Cageball Tournament 24 September 2016, and came in 3rd place overall at the Mobile AL Army JROTC Drill Meet 30 September 2016, earning 7 trophies including:

  • -  3rd Place Overall Drill Meet AJROTC Unit
  • -  1st Place Armed Platoon Drill
  • -  1st Place Unarmed Squad Drill
  • -  2nd Place Unarmed Exhibition Drill
  • -  2nd Place Unarmed Platoon Drill
  • -  3rd Place Armed Color Guard
  • -  3rd Place Armed Exhibition Drill


Battalion Commander:

Cadet LT Colonel Juniata Allgyer

Executive Officer:

Cadet Major Lelane Marshell-Gilley

Command Sgt Major:

Cadet CSM Joseph Yasurek


Cadet CPT Avery Leventhal


Cadet CPT Jade Brewer


Cadet CPT. Kencaid Sappington

S-4 Cadet CPT. Adam Fleshner


Cadet CPT. Mariah Baculi


Major Duckworth & Master Sergeant Kyser
Major Duckworth
Major Duckworth
Senior Army Instructor
(850) 937-5498
Master Seargent Kyser
Master Sergeant Kyser
Army Instructor
(850) 937-5500