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  • 2-year colleges provide smaller class sizes, allowing professors to lend more attention to individual students.
  • At a 2-year college, students may be able to develop an academic transcript that will entice universities to admit them as a transfer student down the line.
  • 2-year colleges are more likely to provide: flexible scheduling options, tutoring services, remedial classes, mentoring programs, and student support services.

2-Year Colleges

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Most two-year colleges are specifically designed to offer career-ready training in two years or less and students can expect to receive specialized training in the field or trade they are studying. Students in two-year college programs typically earn an Associate degree upon completion and further their education at a 4 year college to earn their bachelor degree in their desired field of study.

Colleges Contact Information
Coastal Alabama Community College
- Admissions
Austin Gilchrist
Phone: (251) 580-2213
Pensacola State College
- Admissions
Layla Zandi-Karimi
Phone: (850) 484-1000
Santa Fe College
- Admissions
Quinten Eyman
Phone: (352) 381-7098
Southern Union State Community College
Jeremy Taunton
Phone: (334) 745-6437   ext 5305 
Tallahassee Community College
- Admissions
Jenny Helms
Phone: (850) 201-8308