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Industrial Technology

Industrial Education is a component of Career and Technical Education which, prepares persons for initial employment and offers opportunities for upgrading or retaining of workers in a wide range of career and technical occupational areas.


Drafting I - This course provides competencies to apply basic drafting skills, solve technical math problems, prepare multi-view drawings, prepare sectional views, prepare auxiliary views, and apply dimensioning.

Drafting II - This course provides competencies is to prepare pictorial drawings, prepare surface developments, prepare basic architectural drawings, and demonstrate an understanding of basic civil drawings.

Drafting III - This course provides competencies to apply and perform basic computer aided drafting functions.

Production Technology I - This course provides a foundation of knowledge and experience in the study of production systems through tool usage and preprocessing skills related to industrial materials and composites.

Production Technology II - This course provides planning and participating in a mass production system for manufacturing a product utilizing modern production technology in the processes of separating, forming, combining, fabricating, and finishing materials.

Production Technology III - This course provides opportunities to conduct a research and experimentation project on a production technology system, demonstrating technological knowledge and skills in designing and engineering.

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