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Social Studies

In the twenty-first century, students need to be prepared to live as global citizens. They will need to acquire knowledge of the diverse people with whom they share this world. Students in the social studies program will develop an understanding and appreciation of the contributions that diverse civilizations and cultures have made throughout history and the impact that they had on the development of democratic ideals. They will learn the academic, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills that will assist them in becoming responsible and productive citizens.

The mission of the social studies curriculum is to help students develop a spirit of inquiry that will enhance their understanding of the world so they will become informed, rational, humane, participating and effective members of a democratic society and global culture.

We offer a diverse curriculum of social studies electives and as many or more dual enrollment and advanced placement classes than other schools in the district guaranteeing both high school and college credit to students who successfully pass the classes or College board examinations.


American Government (Average & Honors) - This course provides a general understanding of American Government, including state, county, and municipal government.

American History (Average & Honors) - This course includes the study of factors affecting America's development as a nation with a major focus on the Post-Reconstruction period to the present.

Economics (Average & Honors) - This course provides the concepts for understanding the United States' economic system and its role in the global economy.

AP Macroeconomics (12th) - This course provides advanced concepts for understanding the United States' economic system and its role in the global economy.

AP European History - This course provides an in-depth study of European history. College credit is given for completion of the College Board Examination.

Law Studies - This course provides students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the role that law has in American society.

Psychology I - Psychology I provides an introduction to theories and methods of mental health professionals.

Psychology II - Provides an application to the fundamental principals of psychology.

AP Psychology (10th-12th) - An advanced psychology course that provides an introduction to theories and methods of mental health professionals.

World History (Average & Honors) - This course provides an overview of the chronological development of humans by examining the events that have shaped humanity.

AP World History (10th) - This course provides an advanced understanding of the chronological development of humans by examining the events that have shaped humanity.

AP Human Geography (9th-12th) - A two-semester course designed to be the equivalent of a one-semester university introductory human geography course. This course teaches students about population statistics, religion, language, urban planning, agriculture, and economic development.

Rho Kappa

Rho Kappa was established as an academic society for high school juniors and seniors in the social studies. Rho Kappa has become one of the most active clubs on campus. The students are honored for their academic performance in maintaining a minimum 3.5 GPA in their required and elective social studies classes and earn at least 8 credits upon graduation. This statewide organization encourages community service, and the attributes of leadership and good citizenship. Through membership in this organization students are involved in volunteer projects that help develop civic mindedness in their daily lives. Students learn to respect our nation's Veterans and their sacrifices as they honor school and Veteran community members. Members compile a list of faculty and staff who are Veterans or relatives of Veterans and make a banner to be hung in the main building of the school listing their names and thanking them for their service. Students present each Veteran with a thank you note and homemade cookies. We also participate in making Valentines for Veterans during the Valentines holidays.

Students have opportunities to expand their knowledge of the social studies through field trips to our state's capital and museum exhibits. We have visited the Federal Reserve Bank to enhance students understanding of our nation's monetary system and our state capital to learn about our states decision making process. These trips enhance student awareness of their government and the value of preserving the past.

This organization is a catalyst for our school's celebration of Freedom Week. Students create school announcements to promote Freedom Week and civic responsibility. These appear on the morning announcements and signs are hung around campus. During election year, Students also man voting booths and hold "mock elections" for the student body with election results used in classes to enhance discussions on the democratic process and teach the importance of participation of our citizens in our government. Membership in this honor society allows students to learn how to take a favorite social studies class in high school and make it part of their daily lives.

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