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Veteran's Day Recognition

Veterans Day occurs on November 11 every year in the United States in honor of the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918 that signaled the end of World War I, known as Armistice Day. 

We would like to recognize Tate's faculty and staff and members of their families for serving our country. Thank you for your service which has enabled our freedoms.

Advisory Period: Veterans Day Facts and Activities

Instructional Staff Who Have Served





David Bonucchi
US Air Force
22 Years of Service

Mr. Bonucchi Veterans

Duckworth Veterans Day





Major Stephen Duckworth
US Army
20 Years of Service





MSG. Roland Kyser
US Army
20 Years of Service

Mr. Kyser Veterans Day


Family Of Staff Who Have Served/Serving





Gail Atkins
Clayton Atkins (Son/Tate Alumni)

US Navy
4 Years of Service

Atkins Veterans Day
Cruz Veterans Day





Hannah Cruz
Javier Cruz (Husband)

US Marine Corp
16 Years of Service





Kristi Duarte
Rich Duarte (Husband)

US Air Force
17 Years of Service

Duarte Veterans Day


Sue Hopkins
Dwight Hopkins (Husband)

US Army
3 Years of Service
Tristan Hopkins (Son)
US Army
15 Years of Service





Pam Killebrew
Dwayne Killebrew (Husband)

US Air Force
21 Years of Service

Killebrew Veterans Day
Leggett Veterans Day





Linda Leggett 
Jay Leggett (Husband)

US Navy
4 Years of Service





Stacey Litton
Steve Litton (Husband)

US Navy
11 Years of Service

Litton Veterans Day
Piatt Veterans Day





Hytza Piatt
Chris Golden (Husband)
US Army
15 Years of Service





Shannon Seals 
Jim Seals (Husband)

US Marine Corp
20 Years of Service

Seals Veterans Day
Tourney Veterans Day





Julie Tourney
Keith Tourney III (Husband/Tate Alumni)

US Navy
23 Years of Service